Guess What?!

Guess What?! Let’s give a warm welcome to our new resident cartoonist, Ian Bode!

“My art takes a decontextualized look at many of the things on the surface of our modern culture and how they relate emotionally to the individual or group. The inspiration ranges from music, the visual arts, film, science, world history and the events that affect the geo/social group I am a part of.

I take these ideas as a title and use my own visual language of form(s), design and color to deconstruct the idea or phrase for the viewer to have their own feelings and conclusions regardless of my original impressions. Often times my work is a reaction to those things myself, and I am asking the viewer to come with me as well, as opposed to me trying to take the participant to a pre-established thought or meaning.

The keyhole shaped figure you see in almost all of my work is called the Passenger. The faceless cartoon is a vacuum into which our identity and awareness can be filled in. They are very much a part of their world but with the viewer in the emotive driver’s seat, much like a passenger.

Using repeating themes and icons, I aim to establish a visual language that makes each piece relatable to the other creating a universe with loose laws and a sequential narrative that does not intrude or contradict itself and refrains from intruding on each individual work itself.” – Ian Bode