A warm, silky foam covers a deep brown shot of espresso. Imagine this, you open the door and the smell of your well-known friend,fills your nose. You wait your turn in line only to eagerly anticipate hearing your name called. You hear it! The time has come as you slovenly approach the counter. DING! You drop a tip into the jar and take the first sip of sweet bliss. This coffee-fueled feature is our first of many stories about our adventures as we explored different businesses in Charleston who offer similar menus or popular items. Our favorite thing about small businesses is that everyone offers something special and unique, so sit back and take a sip while we savor on some of our favorites.

When it comes to coffee, convenience plays a big role in where you get your morning Joe. My wife and I will often find ourselves in line at Moxxee for our first cup of the day. It’s always exciting reading up on all of the information that they provide focused on new coffee and tea they provide. After a few hours of work I take a stroll down Capitol Street to visit Taylor Books for my lunchtime beverage. With summer around the corner if you haven’t tried one of their “Blasts” we highly suggest that you do it soon! One of our favorite things about visiting this Charleston staple is its location. You will always see at least a few friends while waiting on your drink.

Now if you find yourself a little further West in Charleston we would highly recommend Cafe Crema on the boulevard near Patrick Street. They have a great selection of hot and cold drinks, not to mention they also serve some pretty tasty food. One place that is sure to cure your sweet craving is Starlings on the East End. Wonderful espresso and organic scratch made baked goods, yes please!

When we’re in the mood for something special there’s always one place on our mind. Mea Cuppa Coffee Bar has all of the traditional coffee shop beverages at a very high quality. The thing that makes this stop stand out in our eyes is the specials board.

Every time we’ve visited we have had at least one item from the specials board and it has always been above and beyond expectations. Their specials this month are; “The Mayflower” (A black tea latte that they have flavored with elderflower). This was my wife’s favorite, on our most recent trip. I leaned more towards “The Amaretto Bianca Latte” (A latte flavored with a well balanced blend of white chocolate and almond). Steaming craft lattes, friendly faces, and a beautiful farmers market are a few things that make Mea Cuppa special to us.  

Its safe to say whether you just rolled out of bed or you need a 2 pm pick-me-up, Charleston has endless options.One thing all of these shops have in common is consistency. You can always expect to receive extraordinary service and quality product no matter the day or time. We have enjoyed going back to visit all of our favorite coffee shops. Now it is time to start “researching” and exploring Charleston to find our topic for next month, stay tuned for our next edition of EAT CWV.

  • Kenneth and Mercedes Jones