About Contraband

Contraband Magazine is a monthly local magazine based in Charleston, West Virginia that highlights local artists, musicians, opinions, and events. The magazine first started in April, 2017, with the first issue coming out in June.

“I started the magazine because I wanted people in Charleston or visiting this area to be able to understand that there is always something awesome going on here, there is always a great event or live music to go see. I wanted everyone to be able to focus on the amazing parts of this area instead of saying there’s nothing to do or that everyone is leaving or the economy sucks. I wanted to remind people of all the reasons we love this place and show people that when we come together to celebrate that fact, we can and do make beautiful things happen.” – Savannah Pratt, Founder

Contraband’s purpose is to highlight everything creative and controversial in Charleston, West Virginia. This project is all about showcasing everything that people in this area think is important, needs to be shared, or just find absolutely awesome.We do our best to create an unbiased, wide reaching showcase of the things that should be reported and aren’t. We try to give news on what’s happening, give people a voice to express how they feel or what they’re proud of, and show people things about their city that they otherwise wouldn’t know.

Everything in our magazine is specifically local, small business related, progressive, healthy, or positive. We want someone to pick up an issue of Contraband and be reminded why this area is great. From local events to new music and ideas, we want to be the place you go to find out what you should be paying attention to.

We are always looking for writers! Our content is created by locals. No article will be ignored. If you have something you want to say, chances are there is someone who either agrees with you or would love to talk about it. We want to help spark that conversation. And have hella fun while doing it.

We are funded only by subscriptions and by selling advertising space. The magazine is always, and will always be, free. If you own or know a business that you think would like to advertise with us, please send us a message!