• Hey I’m Jesse I play guitar with Big Something.


  • Hey I’m Ben and I play drums in Big Something.


  • I’m Josh I play keyboards and trumpet with Big Something.


Nice to meet you guys.


Right on


So your new album titled “Tumbleweed” (released February 24, 2017), tell me about the new songs and why the older ones like UFO’s Are Real and Waves were added to album?


  • Jesse – Those had not been recorded yet so it made sense to put these with this group of songs. Yeah the album came out in February. Everything’s been really good. Did a album release in Greensboro the night of and it went really well. Songs are kind of out there. They uh, you know, tell a story about a guy that’s kind of on a trip through a desert in a post apocalyptic kind of world you know. So the whole album it’s not all about that but it kind of has that same feel throughout so yeah.


Now is there a particular song that’s your favorite on the album?


  • Ben – Haha Uhm Wave’s in a personal favorite of mine at this point. It kinda you know ebbs and flows certain time and especially playing them live now after the album you know they kind of take on a life of their own. So it can change month by month, but right now Waves is my favorite for sure.

  • Josh – I’d say it also changes. Just depending on how I’m feeling or whatever mood I’m in. But I also like Waves and Tumbleweed I like alot.


What’s life like on tour, and how many days are you on the road throughout the year?

  • Jesse –  Uhh last year I think we were on the road right at 200 days. Most days are filled with drivin and Wendy’s and ya know lots of meeting fun new people, new towns, and getting to play music everyday man. That’s the best part is just being able to create you know and play live music everyday that you’re gone it’s the best best part about it.


Josh you wanna tell me what life’s like on your for you?


  • Josh – I mean Jesse pretty well covered it with uh driving and Wendy’s haha


Only Wendy’s or do you switch it up like Taco Bell, McDonalds one day?


  • Ben – No, Yeah yeah well there’s McDonalds now we ate so much Wendy’s that we developed a distaste for it and so now we switch to like McDonald’s and KFC. And uh you know it’s been working pretty well for us so we’re gonna stick to that for awhile.


For awhile – I mean you can only eat so healthy while you’re on the road so.


  • Ben – There’s only so many hours in the day. Gotta make em all work and eat McDonald’s during those hours.


Nice, Nice.

So you guys have your own festival, it’s called The BIG What? It’s August 17-19 in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Tell me, how many years has it been running?


  • Ben – Is it six?

  • Jesse – I think sixth.

  • Ben –  I think this is the sixth one uhm we’ve gone through. This’ll be our third different venue we’ve had it. It started at this place called Possum Holler. Which is a friend of ours. Is it five?

  • Jesse – I don’t know.

  • Ben – Shit

  • Jesse – Five or six. I don’t know. haha

  • Ben – That’s Nick’s thing. NICK!!?? Uhm it’s either five or six, one of those. But uh, yeah Possum Holler is where it started. Our friend Jeremy Belle owns that property. And then we kind outgrew that and we started throwing it at Lynch Farm, which is our friend Butch Lynch’s farm, kinda outgrew that. So now we’re at the Shakori Hills. What is it? Shakori Hills Arts?

  • Jesse – Yeah I think so, the Arts Center.

  • Ben – Arts Center, something like that. It’s kind of a built in festival ground. They do Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival there and there’s stages that are already preexisting, and it’s a much bigger spot so a lot more people can camp comfortably and come out and watch the bands and have fun so it’s great. Wait was there a part two to that question?


Actually there is. What inspired you to create the music festival The Big What?


  • Ben – Uhm again Nick, Nick was the brianchild for this so our answers are going to vary a little bit from his. But in talking to him and kind of us talking as a group about doing the festival it was important to us to get the most of our touring and we started to see so many awesome bands that we just really really get into while we’re out on the road and it was a way of kind of bringing those bands home to just show our friends and our fans in town ya know. So we basically just go out throughout the year, handpick the all bands that we love and want to come to the festival and then just get to like unleash them in North Carolina. So that was kind of a big reason why the festival started and a important thing Nick was bringing up, is we’ve played so many festivals and even before that Nick was going to festivals and he just, he saw it as a opportunity to kind of whittle away the crap that he didn’t like about festivals by doing it himself and just make it ya know all good,like basically just an all kill or no fill kind of deal. But yeah.


Nick you got any input on that? What inspired you to create The Big What?


  • Nick – What are we talkin about?

  • Ben – The Big What

  • Jesse – The Big What

  • Jamie Lee – The Big What

  • Nick – Huh?

  • Jamie Lee – What?


We’re talkin about the Big What.


  • Nick – I don’t know whatcha, I don’t know whatcha talking about. Uh yeah I love it.


What inspired you to do it though, what inspired you to start doing The Big What every year?


  • Nick – Uhm we had been doing like smaller festivals prior to that, and it was always just kind of a fun way to get our friends together. Uhm like we did this thing called the farm party back on our friend’s farm – like right when we were were getting started as a band. And that was kind of the precursor to The Big What. And it was also the first time we played as uh the band Big Something uhm and so we just kinda met a bunch of cool people that liked throwing small festivals in North Carolina and kinda teamed up with all these like minded people and created The Big What so yeah.


Alright now I gotta couple more questions for you guys and then I’ll let you get back to business.

Who’s your favorite, who’s your favorite or most influential artist or musician?


Jesse –  Uh I think we all vary. We all like a lot of different music. But mine personally would probably be Jimmy Herring. I love his jazz guitar playing, and yeah I’m a huge Jimmy Herring freak so yeah, yeah.


Josh what about you?


  • Josh – What’s that?


Do you have a favorite inspirational artist or musician that you’ve looked up to over the years?


  • Josh – There’s just many many but Frank Zappa is one I guess. King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard is just my favorite thing right now in general.

  • Ben – In terms of like formative years probably Stevie Wonder. That was the first thing I heard and uhm I just, there was a lot of cataloge to dig into ya know its such a dynamic work of his span theres just tons of different styles and it was just fun to listen to right off the bat. So that was the first thing that kind got me into like gooving and enjoying music and like dancing and stuff like that so.


  • Nick – Do I get to answer Dawg?


Yeah I saw you tying your shoes there so I wanted to wait til you got finished.


  • Nick – I was just kidding.


It’s all good man.


  • Nick – What was the question?


Favorite musician or artist that’s inpired you over the years, or is inspiring you right now?


  • Nick – Uh I think lyrically I’ve always been inspired by David Byrne uhm and just being inspired by a musician in general. Uhm like Bob Marley is somebody I’ve always kinda looked up to just in terms of the vibe and the energy that they put out and what they stood for and you know, kinda creating a movement in the community. So those are just a few ones for me.


Awesome thanks man.

So one more here, What do you guys like most about Mountain Music Festival and West Virginia all together?


  • Jesse – You can’t have a bad time when you’re here.

  • Nick – West Virginia’s been so good to us. I’d say it’s one of our favorite places to play now at this point and Mountain Music Festival has been a big part of that cause we’ve played every single year it’s been a festival. This is our fourth year here uhm and its been really cool to see it grow and see it become the beast it’s become because it started with humble beginnings kinda like our festival The Big What, and has grown into this awesome thing. So it’s just there’s so much love here. Uhm the people here are so friendly, so nice, so hospitable, you know it’s just always a great time. Ya know the nature side of it too, this is one of the most beautiful events outdoor events we get to do. You get to go whitewater rafting, hangout on the beach at the lake, you know it’s it’s you kind go get to be a kid again out in nature and that’s that’s always refreshing so.


Thanks for taking the time to chat before the show. You guy’s rock!


– Jamie Davis