Here Comes Super Weenie!


–by Rafael Barker–

“This place changed my life once already.”

Those are the words of Super Weenie owner Jason Myer, whose takeout hot dog shop is slated to open in the space formerly occupied by Jamie Miller’s vintage store “Collage”. To hear Jason tell it, 805 Quarrier Street will forever hold a significant place in his heart. It was there at Collage, on a random visit with his friend Mike, where he met Liz, the woman who would become the love of his life and eventually his wife.


Several years later, Myer is opening a brick-and-mortar hot dog shop in that very location, hoping luck strikes him twice.

He started serving hot dogs to our community in the spring of 2016, when he debuted his Super Weenie hot dog cart near Davis Park, on the corner of Capitol and Lee Streets.

“I needed something that was very real. Something that would withstand any economic hiccup. People want to treat themselves and street food is always sustainable.”

Myer had spent years working as a television producer, broadcast designer and animator, when he realized he didn’t really like the industry. He recalled the time in his early twenties, when he was self-employed. How it felt to make his own way. He wanted something sustainable and had tired of doing abstract work.

Thus, his vision for Super Weenie was borne — to serve good-tasting food working-class folks could afford, and give them an enjoyable experience that would keep them coming back.

The plan for the shop at 805 Quarrier Street is for Jason to serve hot dogs with a myriad of topping options, as well as soft pretzels, sodas and chips. Of course, the menu will include the traditional WV Hot Dog — a wiener on a bun with mustard, chili-like sauce, onions and slaw; but he also plans on offering other hot dog styles, too.

In fact, though this is a hot dog spot, even vegan and vegetarian customers can leave happy.

“I know what it’s like to be out with friends and you find you can only have water while your friends eat,” said Myer, who once was a vegetarian. “Not many people order the vegetarian sausage, but it’s a big hit for (vegetarian customers), as far as what you’d expect from this market for a vegetarian.”

Myer is excited for his shop to open up because he’s gotten to know so many of his customers over the last year and a half. It’s important to Myer he provide a positive experience for people. Super Weenie won’t have any tables, but he’ll be happy to have you stick around and chat while you eat. The decor seems to be mid-century ephemera, with hot dogs, WV and music as the core focus.

“I like that people want to talk, that people want to tell me about their lives. Real world connections are a commodity these days.”

At a time when most of us are looking for ways to pinch pennies but still enjoy a treat every now and then, Super Weenie might just be what the doctor ordered. Priced reasonably, a Super Weenie lunch will provide you with flavorful food and won’t break the bank.

Super Weenie fan Dave Lomely likes the hot dog, but pointed especially to the condiments offered as his reason for continuing to come back: “I just think it’s a high-quality dog but the toppings are what does it for me. I love the curry mustard you can get on the dog.”

Jason Myer recognizes the importance of great toppings and has spent the last year and a half perfecting his service so you get a perfectly balanced Super Weenie hot dog. In addition to the obvious offerings of slaw, chili, diced onions, mustard–curry or regular, and, yes, even ketchup, he plans to offer Bacon and Cheese and a specialty ‘spicy chow chow,’ a Southern-style relish.

He didn’t want to fully describe all he’ll have to offer, superheroes don’t reveal all their secrets, after all. However, he’s super excited to have the time and space to flex his creative muscle as a hot dog connoisseur. When asked for his favorite hot dog toppings, Myer responded, “I no longer have a go-to. I’m more interested in something far out, adventurous hot dogs’

I, for one, am very excited to see Super Weenie have a new home at 805 Quarrier Street. Indoors, away from the weather constraints, and more available for a strong and loyal following of Super Weenie fans.

Super Weenie will be open 5 days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additionally, Myer plans to be open during downtown events like ArtWalk or Downtown Street Fest.


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