The Wing

–by Kenneth and Mercedes Jones–

Versatile, juicy, and reliable, the chicken wing is enjoyed across the world. Whether it be the drumstick still attached to an airline breast in France, hot and spicy and cooked over hot coals in Mexico, or deep fried and slathered in cavity-inducing “BBQ Sauce” here in the United States, people agree on one thing: The chicken wing rocks. We all have our own special way of enjoying wings, and these are some of our favorites from here in Charleston. We split them into categories to help explain why they are so special.

Boneless Wings

Clean, easy, and fun to enjoy when you’re with a special someone or wearing nice clothing. Simplicity seems to always impress us the most. The Riverside Anchor has always been a staple for locals when it came to pizza, beer, and wings. Under new management, we’re glad to say that their boneless wings have NOT changed (unlike the pizza). Crispy, real white-meat chicken breast and a tangy sauce. Drop by sometime and get the spicy BBQ.

Un-breaded and Deep Fried Wings

Sam’s Uptown Cafe, home sweet home for so many. Working downtown and getting off work at nearly midnight, we used to eat at Sam’s at least three times a week. We could go on and on about how much we love proper bar food, but this is about the chicken wing. Un-Breaded and Deep Fried, Sam’s wings are delectable, regardless of sauce you choose.

Watching that counter through hazy eyes, waiting to hear “order up”, I’m sure most of us can relate. Hot and steamy, these are the kind of wings that you get dirty with. Tear into those chicken arms with no decorum like the animal you know you are.

Wing Sauces

“It’s a wing thing,” or at least that’s what they say at The Cold Spot. We say, “It’s a sauce thing.” What really stands out at this Dunbar establishment is the variety of sauces they offer. Cold draft beer and sports on the tv, it’s a wing lover’s paradise. Some of our favorite sauces are the Mild, Bbq Gold, and Sweet Asian. When most people think wings here in Charleston, they think Cold Spot.

Smoked Wings

I guess you could call this smoked wing our “favorite” wing in Charleston. The taste of charred wood, the fall off the bone texture, and the tasty side of sauce, Rollin Smoke BBQ is back to take the wing championship. As we stated in an earlier issue, we are HUGE fans of Rollin Smoke. They normally set up in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Kanawha City.

Fan Favorite

We wanted to include an all around fan favorite wing, so we asked our Facebook friends, and it was unanimous: Adelphia Sports Bar and Grill has AMAZING wings. The beautiful charred crust, almost like the sauce is cooked all the way into the wing (get some extra on the side). I’m currently ruining my keyboard with the savory “Adelphia sauce”, but I cant stop eating! When we heard the buzz about the wings on Capitol Street, we were excited to try them. The next time you are craving wings downtown, stop in and try Adelphia’s. We were honestly blown away.

We are off to wash our hands and hopefully save this keyboard. Until next time remember to never use Ranch and lick the bones clean.

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