Namaste – Finding Light in Dark Places

Namaste: Finding Light in Dark Places
by Lily Moran

Let us take a seat at the top of our mats. Find an easy, seated position–whatever that may be for your body today. Maybe move some glute flesh out of the way so your bones make firm contact with the earth underneath. Root yourself, so you can rise. Begin to grow tall, finding length from your hips through the crown of your head. Stretch toward the natural light.

Let your eyes close. Soften your brow. Visualize every line and contour and fold of his face behind your lids. Two cleansing breathes. Take a deep inhale through your nose and sigh out of your mouth. Let it all go. Once more, in through the nose and out over the rusty taste in your mouth.

Begin to deepen your breathing. Slow and lengthen every inhale and exhale. Come into your body. Distract your thinking mind. Visualize pulling the breath up and down the spine. Become aware of the rise and fall of his belly against yours with every breath.

With your inhale, he pulls your arms over your head. Reach to create length. With your next exhale gently twist to your right. Your right arm props behind you honoring the natural curves of your spine. Lastly, your neck releases to look over your shoulder forever.

Let the breath lift you out of your seated twist. Again, arms stretch overhead, shining your heart forward. Exhale bow allowing your chest to melt towards the mat. Maybe your forehead meets the mat or a block. Maybe it meets stacked fists. Stop struggling. Find surrender, here in this moment.

Bring your breath awareness to the back of the heart space, that area between your shoulder blades. Feel how big, full breathes move your bruised ribs out away from each other creating change from the inside out, making space. Feel how the breath and your being expands out in all directions.

Ground your palms and walk yourself back up to a seated position. Let us check in where we began. Allow your eyes to close. Allow your shoulders to drop. Let go of your deep breathing. Notice if you feel a brightness or a glowing in your chest. Can you feel a subtle opening or space not previously there? Can you experience yourself as indestructible energy? Bring your hands into prayer position in front of your heart. The light in me recognizes and honors the light in him.

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