Being Bi in West Virginia

Living Queer in WV
by Amina Renee

I’m used to being unusual. Exotic. More than the usual. After all, I’m black in America; black in WV. Of course, that means I always have to be different. That said, I’m also bisexual and a bit of a late bloomer. I consider myself queer. A queer, bisexual, black, socialist chick with a big mouth, who loves a beautiful, pre-op, transgender woman from WV named K.

Being bi comes with special challenges. Even in the LGBTQA community, we are regarded as non-existent. If not non-existent, then, at the very least, confused or a curious cis, or just plain greedy. Or a slut. If I had a dollar for every straight dude who hit me up for a threesome the moment he found out I’m bi, I would no longer need student loans. Every element of the LGBTQA community has issues to face, but bisexual people have what I deem as a double-edged sword. To the straights, we are confused sluts. To gays, we are greedy or allies in disguise.

Essentially we do not exist. Until we stand up to be counted.

This is my way of standing up to be counted.






Buckle up. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Today, I want to focus on an issue that is not solely a bisexual one, but a community-oriented one: Transgender Bathrooms.

I met my girl K on Saturday and we had a wonderful day. I always have an amazing time with her. But unfortunately, we had a bit too much soda pop to drink and eventually that stuff needed to escape. We went looking for a public restroom in the mall and I headed to the ladies room. I expected her to follow me because I see her as a female and she sees herself as a female. She is living as a female, after all. Well, wouldn’t you know it, she has to go to the men’s room so not to create “issues” with hysterical females in MAGA t-shirts calling the cops.

Calling the cops because she has to pee.

Later that night, she went to the restroom again… the men’s room. Afterwards, she told me how much she hates that. I asked more on it because that’s what I do. And it probably drives her fucking mad. She smiled patiently and explained how even though she hates it, she does it so as not to create issues or get arrested simply for peeing. She also said she feels scared in the men’s room.

And when you think about it, of course she does. She could get beaten up, or worse, by some pot-bellied Trumpie, as a way to “Make America Great Again.”

So who exactly is a danger to whom?

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