Writer’s Block

Standing at the top of this hill, looking down the white sparkly slope,
Just thinking about that glowing road that I can choose to take.
I didn’t think it would make me feel bad in the days to come, but what did I know?
You stood at the bottom with that grin on your face,
And I thought, “Man I wanna get to that place.”
So I depart down this shiny road
Thinking I’m ready to open that box you hold at the bottom,
Whipping through the dips and trees along the way.
The thrill of the fall has hit my chest, and created a warmth I’ll never forget.
It was an amazing ride to get to the end,
I felt so alive inside.
Then I arrive at the bottom where you were waiting;
But the grin was gone, your color was gone,
You were pale yet grey, and eyes were sunk in.
I was hoping to feel what you did to get here, and I just might have.
I open your box and it was bottomless, it could hold nothing.
I didn’t realize once I would arrive beside you, I’d be fighting my whole life,
Just to get back to the top of that hill…

by J. Arthur Eary


It’s one of the most beautiful days of the year,
and still I just sit here alone in my car,
staring at the sun hitting the clouds.
With the greys on the undersides
I wasn’t made for a 9 to 5, I know this.
I was made to strive for new experiences.
I was born to find peace in the discomfort.
I will find the words, and send them down the line.
Hopefully they reach your ears in time,
and maybe open a door in your mind
like they did mine,
and we can find the path meant for us.
We’ll just close our eyes and listen wide.
This won’t be the last time we cried
out for direction in our lives.
We might then know, where to go
bust out from the covers
that had us protected
and then project ourselves
fearlessly, mindfully, infinitely
out into the vast cosmos.
That is after all
an extension,
of us.

by J. Arthur Eary

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