Touch You Where?

Touch You Where?

by Jamie Davis

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Erogenous zones are an important part of your sexual adventures, whether it be getting you in the mood or helping you reach the big O! Every person is different, but part of the fun is exploring your partner’s body to see what works for them. So, we’re going to explore some, from top to bottom.

Start with the head. Run your fingers through your partner’s hair. Give them a scalp massage. Apply slight pressure to the third eye, the area in the middle of the forehead. With a thumb on the third eye, use your fingers and massage the temples. A face massage is another way to get your partner relax. Pay special attention to the cheek bones. Use your finger and gently trace your partner’s lips. Rub and kiss their ears. Some may enjoy having their ears nibbled, some may enjoy more tongue play. Just the sensation of having you lightly breath in their ear can arouse some. Soft whispering is also a turn on for a lot of people. Coconut oil is safe to use for use while massaging someone’s ears, while other oils are not.

There are many places on the neck to give attention to. Start with a massage or light touching. Progress to kissing and even light biting when the time is right. Some partner’s may even like a firmer bite. Massaging the shoulder blades and collar bone will help to release tension and help your partner relax.

Moving on to the torso, use a criss-cross pattern and rub or lightly scratch with your fingernails. Don’t be afraid to break out the oil for the massages. The nipples are a pretty common erogenous zone, but sensitivity varies. Licking and kissing are usually okay, but when it comes to squeezing you need to start with only a light squeeze and work to a firmer squeeze or pulling if your partner is enjoying it. The bladder area, also called “the gate of origin,” is a very sensual acupressure point. Use only light pressure to avoid making your partner have to urinate.

Rub or lightly scratch the inner thigh. Have your partner sit on the edge of a bed, take a kneeling position in front of them on the floor, and proceed to rub the back of their knees. While doing this, you can also add in some teasing by moving your head closer to their genital area.

Twist your knuckes around the ball of the foot to release tension. Start massaging right below the toes and knead all the way up to the toes, where you can proceed with light pulling.

Some places you may not think of, but basically, where there is a crease there is an erogenous zone. The inner elbow or the armpit are erogenous zones that you may not typically think about. Butt massages are always nice. Some may enjoy spanking or scratching in the area as well. The best advice: Just take time and explore your partner’s body. Experiment with pressure, touching, scratching, licking, kissing, and anything else that comes to mind. Most of all, enjoy each other!


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