Toad Wife

Toad Wife

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The Appalachian Arts Collective

Appalachian Artists Collective is pleased to announce the world premiere of Toad Wife, written by A. E. Gill and directed by Leah Turley. The play will open on August 25th at the St. Albans City Park Amphitheater and run on Friday (8/25), Saturday (8/26), and Sunday (8/27) as well as the following weekend, September 1st, 2nd & 3rd at 8PM. Toad Wife is an original Appalachian folktale that utilizes regional dialects and celebrates unlikely heroes from right here in the hills of West Virginia. This AAC’s first Theatre for Young Audiences production.

Join us, as we enter the world of twin sisters, Hazel and Odessa Barton, in search of a home and on the run from their dark and troubled past. As they journey through the enchanted swampland of Appalachia, the girls will encounter strange and mysterious creatures…some of whom have grim intentions for the pair. Along the way their loyalty to one another will be tested as they brave the unknown, outwit villains, and race to defeat an evil curse.

“I’m so excited to be doing this play that embraces the Appalachian dialect,” says Mariah Plante, an actress from Charleston who plays Hazel Barton in the show. “It’s so important for people here to have heroes on stage who speak like us, and who face similar struggles to the ones that we do. Sometimes the water isn’t good to drink; sometimes the lights go out and all you have is the love of the land and your family to see you through the darkness.”

Hazel and Odessa’s journey is facilitated by a need to find clean, drinkable water in a land poisoned by the curse of an all-powerful, evil Toad. Through their own wit, intuition, and self-reliance, the sisters are able to save each other’s lives and restore order to the mountainside.

“Needless to say, it’s a great play to bring your daughters to” says Plante.

Appalachian Artists Collective is delighted to be producing this show at the St. Albans City Park Amphitheater, an amazing outdoor venue nestled in the West Virginia hills. There is no permanent seating at the park, so we encourage audience members to bring a blanket or lawn chairs to relax on. We will have a limited number of blankets and lawn chairs available for a $1 rental fee.

Tickets are $12 for children 4 and up, $15 for adults, and may be purchased at the door. Family Packs, which include two adult tickets and two children’s tickets may be purchased for only $40. For information about accessibility and group rates please contact us through the AAC Facebook page ( The performance will begin at 8 pm. Please arrive early, get comfortable, and enjoy the show!

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