Summer Treats

Summer Treats

by Kenneth and Mercedes Jones

The sound of your favorite local group echoes in your ears. You can feel the sweat rolling down your forehead as you quickly snap a pic with your friends, making sure to capture this memory. Everything is perfect and you’re having a great time, except for one thing: You’re beyond parched and in need of some sweet summer relief. This month’s issue will keep you refreshed and cool at your favorite summer event, while giving you the inside eye for our favorites. So, wipe your brow, put on your sunglasses and pull out that sweaty dollar bill, because it’s time for a treat!

When most people in West Virginia think of Holl’s they think of scratch-made Swiss chocolates. When we hear the name, we think ice pops. When Fritz Holl started teh company in 1986, I doubt he had popsicles in mind, but would have to be our favorite in town. You can stop by the shop in the Capitol Market to get these locally made ice pops from Viena, WV in a variety of flavors: mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Since September, 1997, there has been one name above the rest serving consistent, high quality homemade ice cream. Whether it’s the baseball team after their first round-robin, the young couple on a first date, or the chef ordering for his desert menu, you scream, I scream, we all scream, ELLEN! Some of our personal favorites include Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Straw-Lemonade Sorbet, and Espresso Chocolate Chip.

We know that we spent a lot of time in Taylor Books last month, but this treat deserves two features. Available in peanut butter, milky way, mocha, and dirty chai, there is a flavor for everyone. WE LOVE BLASTS! A blast is a delicious creamy blend of espresso, milk, ice, and the flavors of your choice, blended into a refreshing caffeinated milkshake. We are in love!

One stop that is a little more off the beaten path is Huskey’s in North Charleston. Serving up all of your dairy-bar favorites from your childhood, you’re sure to find a way to cool off.

We’re not here for the ice cream though, we’re here for slushies. Blue raspberry, cherry, pineapple, the choice is yours. You can even make a rainbow. Huskey’s is a longtime favorite of ours that KD’s father recommended, and we will definitely be returning.

We hope this month’s issue can help you find some refreshment in the upcoming summer months. Please remember, while having fun out in the sun, it’s important to stay cool and hydrated. Whether it be with a slushy or a hazelnut ice pop, it is always fulfilling to shop local and support the community. Let us know on the Contraband Facebook page some food items you would like the inside scoop on. Until next time, Stay Cool & EAT CWV.


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