Social Media Exit: Part II

Social Media Exit
(part Two: Doomed User)
by Todd Keffer II

Ever miss a class only to realize you’re completely lost when you show up next time and feel like you might as well drop out? Since my six-month, self-imposed absence from social media, that’s exactly how I’ve felt in conversations with friends. I realize I suck at keeping in touch with people; I’ve never been good at texting or calling. Over time, however, people started posting or sharing more and more about their lives on their social media, and it wasn’t as necessary to check up on people in those traditional ways. Someone would post about their day, good or bad, and eventually, enough people in your friend group would give it attention and it would show up on your news feed.

The biggest example I can share of this was also the one to hit me the hardest: the death of my friend’s father. My friend never posted anything on Facebook about it and I had unfollowed his mom because she posted nothing but stupid Minion memes 99.99% of the time. The other .01% was when she announced the death of her husband and the time and location of the viewing. An old friend messaged me about attending and I had been completely in the dark on the whole situation. Of course, I didn’t learn about the viewing until four hours before it happened. A couple of days later, I kept asking myself, “Is it really good for me to be offline like this?”

Other minor annoyances from not having social media include not knowing about relationship statuses when I go to parties and shows, Tinder basically becoming a barren wasteland if you don’t have Snapchat, and customer support being useless unless you have at least 100 followers on Twitter. All of this could be avoided if I just sent texts occasionally to my friends to see what they’re up to. I’ve just never been good at keeping in touch and the more growing up I do, the more I realize it’s not a good excuse anymore.

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