Kayleigh Phillips and Covenant House

“Since Kayleigh Phillips decided to pursue her art full-time, she’s had to learn to live with less. The work is never consistent. Jobs come in waves. And when the artist can get ahead on her rent, she does, because she knows there will come a time when she’s going to be behind.

Kayleigh’s spent years working in the service industry. She’s waited tables across Charleston. She’s worked in graphic design, the discipline she studied in college. But none of it, not the 9-5 company job or the tip-driven waitressing work gave back to her. It didn’t fuel her with energy to sit down at the end of the day and doodle. And it didn’t inspire her to come up with a new illustration. It paid her bills. And that was about it. And eventually, Kayleigh had enough.

Now, working as a full-time artist in Charleston, Kayleigh’s become known for her mural and hand-lettering work around town. She painted by hand all of the signage at the entrance to Kin Ship Goods on Tennessee Ave in Charleston. She’s reviving an old mural that’s since faded on Charleston’s West Side. She’s learning the art of tattooing at the Gilded Age Tattoo Studio in downtown Charleston. And now, when she gets back to her place at night, she feels something new – satisfaction. She might not be able to afford a new pair of jeans, but she’s doing the work she wants to do: She’s helping to shape Charleston’s art scene. And she’s still left with energy at the end of the night to doodle. Kayleigh’s pledging to give $8 a month to Covenant House because when it comes to living with less, she knows that not everyone has a choice. Sure, the work is inconsistent and money comes in waves, but she’s able to pursue a life in something she loves. And she knows that not everybody does. Join Kayleigh Phillips and lend your support to Covenant House though the “Here for Good” campaign.”

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