I Am Druid

I Am Druid

by Gregory Fort

I am a Druid. You don’t hear these words very often. There is a stigma and stereotype that goes along with that statement. Maybe you have heard the word being the used to describe the people who supposedly built Stonehenge (We didn’t. Just used it later) or stereotypical wizards like Merlin, Gandalf, or Dumbledore. Do you imagine us carrying around a wooden box filled with herbs and tinctures? I’ve been called everything from Devil worshiper to freak. One person I had worked with for a short time refused to refer to it as anything but “Crazy Jedi shit”. Mostly because the majority of people either don’t understand and/or care to try.

Druid is the name of a high level of ancient Celtic society. The word Druid is associated with the keepers of knowledge. In the Celtic society, we were the librarians and teachers, doctors and pharmacist, counselors and spiritual leaders, judge and lawyers, politicians and ambassadors, etc. Notice how I didn’t put spiritual leader first? That’s because we are so much more. Being the church leaders was only one of our jobs, but it generated us the most hate and notoriety, starting when Caesar’s legions of Rome tried to invade our home lands in 55 B.C.

In modern times, we have had a resurgance in interest, with Paganism growing in the 20th century and becoming more accepted in the last decade and on into the 21st century. By the 2010 Census it was acceptable to list Druid on the religion section. We have came a long ways baby!

We have lost most of the original teaching of our forefathers, but the spirit of our purpose lives on. We may not have that many words and rituals of our ancestors, but we have their heart. The need to help others, protect our land and spread true knowledge to the masses. You would be very surprised on how much someones purpose can mirror our own and still follow different spiritual paths. We stride for peace, stability and mental growth, but are ready to defend our home and family from those trying to invade or corrupt our way of life and liberty. Foreign or domestic.

The forest, lake and fields are where we work. These places are our church and where we talk to god(s), the spirits of the land, and our ancestors. If your are calm and open up your mind. You can feel the power tingling your fingertips. The air shifting. The insects chirping. The birds singing.

So when you see someone brave enough to announce they follow the old path in this world of negativity and established religions. Please don’t automatically think ill of them. Listen to what they say with a open mind. Most of us are friendly. You never know. You might find a new friend or even a new way at looking at the world.

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