Give Him What He Wants

How to Give Him What He Wants.

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1. Wear a bright red lipstick. This draws attention to your mouth, which is the whole point!

2. Natural makeup. If getting down and dirty is your goal, go light on the makeup. Focus on one feature at a time.

3. Get your hair done. (Not the hair on your head) A little wax, a little shave, a little trim, something.

4. Wear boyshorts. Thongs are overrated and uncomfortable. Boyshorts are more comfortable and the curves of this type of underwear can be far more flattering. Give them a little “peek of the cheek”.

5. A naughty aroma. Change up your perfume on date night and use a scent that reminds of him of your naked body. After a while, he gets used to your perfume and it’s not as intoxicating as originally. Great spot: Back of the knees.

6. Naughty texts before a date. Get him thinking of you all day beforehand.

8. If you want to do something sweet for your man, leave the trails of rose petals alone. Just. Watch. Porn. With him! Guys are into it. We all know this. Showing him that it’s ok to enjoy this, and enjoy it WITH HIM. This will always end up bringing that heat right back into your bedroom.

9. Go to the adult store together and let him pick out something for you! He may pick out a vibrator, he may pick out handcuffs. Who knows? Just let him pick.

10. Send him some naughty pictures. Men are turned on by visual stimulation. Play that up!

11. Get edible underwear, edible body paint, lickable body icing, flavored lubricant. The recipe for a night to remember.

12. Here’s a fun one: Pheremone infused massage candles. Get soy candles, specifically. These are both edible and great for wax play because the wax doesn’t get as hot as normal candles.

13. For long distance relationships: Remotely controlled vibrators. There are products out there that let you control your lady’s pleasure from miles and miles away. When actual sex isn’t an option, this could be a god alternative!

14. Bondage. Doesn’t have to be as scary as you think it is. The act of relinquishing control over your sexual pleasure to your lover can be the BEST release.

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