A Rant

A Rant

by Johnny Mottesheard

It’s getting hot, blood boils, folks pounding fists on the ground. Everyone is so angry after the election, Donald Trump probably can’t even get an erection, and the left has this, that, and the third to cry about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Trump supporter, but damn, I don’t care about the steaks that he orders. I don’t care about his orange skin and the assholes out there that “diagnose” his youngest son with mental disorders. All these cyber social lives and the blogs get contorted. Hateful words, “Fuck you,” all the kind words get distorted. Terrorism, death, all of these atrocities. I feel for you, but look on the bright side, it’s only costing me one like, keep scrolling down and learn how to make doggy treats, or read some article, making someone’s life into a comedy.

These are the things that grind my gears, almost make me want to scream in tears, because despite all the pain, all the anger, all the fears, the world will roll on for billions of years. So here we are again, far from complacent. So out of touch, phones stuck to our faces, surely fake news: let’s stay stuck in our basements. Left and Right wings with two broken clavicles, can’t work together, Lefties getting radical, while Alt-Rights’ empathy has gone on sabbatical, yet no one knows the difference between obtuse and equilateral. Betsy seems to have DeVoted her life to wrecking education and the senators want to run immigrants out with a little legislation. It’s like Americans can’t think critically, can’t keep concentration.

We just want to party, drink, and remain jaded. Another three months of heat and relaxation, all we know is that Russia stands adjacent to our own White House – While in my parents’ white house, we still have to turn the lights out or close all the curtains when it’s bright out. Because you see, we still need the darkness. We need to plant flowers in the leftover carcass. We need solitude, lest we elude the truth at its darkest. Evil remains, so we have to learn to pray, or just wait for a good day.

We’re all so angry, yes, it’s safe to say, but within yourself, you’ll find the courage to slay. Whether it be demons and dragons, maybe just like Beyonce, find your groove and be kind, it can all start today. So go forth with a goal in mind, stay focused and live one day at a time. There are billions around you. We can’t all agree, it just wouldn’t be right. Live for the moments, laugh all day, and love for the rest of your life. Of course, you don’t need to heed my words, I’m not your boss. You don’t need to figure it all out right now, don’t calculate the cost, and if you’re lost in your thoughts, don’t fret, not all who wonder are lost.

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