Letters From the Editor

August, 2017
This month has been crazy!!! Contraband is really starting to take off, thanks to the tireless efforts of those involved and everyone who has stood up to support this project. We have grown to a readership of 3000 people and are now located in over 100 locations in and around Charleston. We’ve also made some updates to the website, adding a forum for feedback/suggestions/discussion with our readers. We also have a messaging platform on the website, as well. Need to get in touch? That’s a great place to start. Allllsoooo we’ve been able to begin giving back to our community a little, sponsoring the 2017 Funktafest in Huntington.

Our staff now includes over 30 writers, 4 graphic designers, 3 editors, and 2 marketing/social media gurus. Only thing we’re missing is a dedicated ad sales rep. If you or anyone you know would like to get paid to sell advertising space in the coolest magazine in town, contact us at contrabandwv@gmail.com

But that’s besides the point. Contraband is doing awesome!! Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped me turn this into a reality. <3


July, 2017
I’m in awe of all the people who’ve come out of the woodwork to make this project possible!! Huge shoutouts to Hurl Brickbat, Jake Dunn and the Blackbirds, and Mike Pushkin and the Loyal Opposition for making our launch party last month awesome. Mad love to all of the writers, contributors, and the people who have helped me bring this thing from just an idea to a reality. Keeping this message short and sweet this month. Let’s make fantastic things happen!!

– Savannah

June, 2017
When you’re a kid, people are always asking you what you want to be when you grow up. I would always answer, without any doubt, that I wanted to be a writer.

As time went by, I realized that I didn’t have the life experience to really write stories with the kind of excitement and development that I wanted, and so I quit. Since then, I’ve had tons of types of jobs, flirted with potential careers, but never really found anything that held my interest for long. Now, I’ve found that marketing and advertising is perfect for me! I get to help talented people promote their passions and projects. This magazine is an extension of that perfect calling.

I created this magazine because I want all the talented people in this town to be able to have a place where they can all come together and showcase their skills and interests. I also found, when I moved back to Charleston a couple years ago, that it was nearly impossible to figure out where to go to find the best bands and events in town. My hope is that this magazine can also serve as a hub for news about upcoming events that newcomers and locals shouldn’t miss.

Within the first couple weeks of coming up with this idea, tons of people flooded my inbox with messages about wanting to get involved! It’s been wonderful to see that people agree that this magazine is necessary and get as excited about it as I do! Enjoy reading this first issue of Contraband and here’s to many more!

– Savannah

Contraband is a new alternative magazine highlighting everything creative and controversial in Charleston, WV. This project is all about showcasing everything that people in this area think is important, needs to be shared, or just find absolutely awesome.


8 hours 45 minutes ago

About to be on our way!!! Clustxr Getcha asses down there!!

An annual music festival in West Virginia bringing a cluster of friends, family, and great artists together for a three day adventure! #CLUSTXR

Three stages, no sound ordinance, lots of bass, are you ready?
@[115560788529480:274:Virtual Riot] and @[266719786787954:274:Barely Alive]
@[227312725462:274:Dirt Monkey] b2b @[291470400225:274:Jantsen]
iLL Gates
@[644746055656677:274:JVST SAY YES]
+ many more great acts

Campground opens at 10am on Thursday August 17th and closes Sunday at 5 pm.

All stages and the campgrounds are located on one large flat mountain top! No crazy walks between your campsite and the stages!

Note: The campground will be pitch dark to allow for great star gazing! We recommend you bring a flashlight!

Campsites come with a picnic table, fire pit, and large trash can!

Enjoy a 5 acre water park saturday for $20, go on a white water rafting adventure, take a zip lining tour, or partake in other various activities in addition to listening to great music! Check out our site for details!
(Waterpark open everyday, music provided Satueday!)

18+ event, BYOB for campground, alcohol will be sold in the mainstage festival grounds. FLOW Arts friendly!

More details at http://clustxr.com

General Festival Questions?
Want to be a vendor?