Letters From the Editor

July, 2017
I’m in awe of all the people who’ve come out of the woodwork to make this project possible!! Huge shoutouts to Hurl Brickbat, Jake Dunn and the Blackbirds, and Mike Pushkin and the Loyal Opposition for making our launch party last month awesome. Mad love to all of the writers, contributors, and the people who have helped me bring this thing from just an idea to a reality. Keeping this message short and sweet this month. Let’s make fantastic things happen!!

– Savannah

June, 2017
When you’re a kid, people are always asking you what you want to be when you grow up. I would always answer, without any doubt, that I wanted to be a writer.

As time went by, I realized that I didn’t have the life experience to really write stories with the kind of excitement and development that I wanted, and so I quit. Since then, I’ve had tons of types of jobs, flirted with potential careers, but never really found anything that held my interest for long. Now, I’ve found that marketing and advertising is perfect for me! I get to help talented people promote their passions and projects. This magazine is an extension of that perfect calling.

I created this magazine because I want all the talented people in this town to be able to have a place where they can all come together and showcase their skills and interests. I also found, when I moved back to Charleston a couple years ago, that it was nearly impossible to figure out where to go to find the best bands and events in town. My hope is that this magazine can also serve as a hub for news about upcoming events that newcomers and locals shouldn’t miss.

Within the first couple weeks of coming up with this idea, tons of people flooded my inbox with messages about wanting to get involved! It’s been wonderful to see that people agree that this magazine is necessary and get as excited about it as I do! Enjoy reading this first issue of Contraband and here’s to many more!

– Savannah

Contraband is a new alternative magazine highlighting everything creative and controversial in Charleston, WV. This project is all about showcasing everything that people in this area think is important, needs to be shared, or just find absolutely awesome.


12 hours 48 minutes ago

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Savannah McCain is the founder and owner of Contraband magazine, a monthly publication focused on everything creative and controversial in Charleston. Want to get involved? Contraband is always looking for new, local writers and content!

Come by the Tavern next Tuesday and let her make you one of her personal favorites: A Russian Lemonade (think a lemony twist on a classic Mule) for only $6 and talk to her about getting involved in the magazine!